7 Things to Know About Sugar…

I like a donut, correction, i love donuts, i like cake and, like the majority of the population, I like chocolate. So I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you shouldn’t be eating sugar. After all, sugar is also found in fruit which is deemed as healthy.

However, problems arise when we eat too much sugar. When our diet is filled with cereal, chocolate, fizzy drinks, white bread, sweets, biscuits, cake and even fruit. So, here are seven things that will happen when you lower the amount of sugar in your diet.

1. Your cholesterol will drop.

According to a study published in Open Heart, the risk posed by heart problems can be reduced by more than half. Within a few weeks LDL cholesterol can drop 10 percent, with a 20 to 30 percent reduction in triglycerides

2. Your body’s inflammation will decrease.

Inflammation is linked to problems from acne to heart disease to depression. Cutting down on sugar intake decreases overall inflammation and the risks that come with it.

3. You’ll think more clearly.

One UCLA study found that sugar slowed learning and memory, and may even damage brain signals. Part of this may also have to do with the fact that sugar causes energy crashes that don’t do your attention span any favours.

4. You’ll age more gracefully.

Fructose helps form oxygen radicals, which accelerate the cellular damage that’s associated with aging.

5. You’ll feel more energized.

You’ve probably heard that sugar gives you a boost of energy, and there’s truth to that. Sugar spikes glucose and can have an impact that feels similar to that of caffeine. However, cutting out sugar helps stabilize glucose levels, helping you avoid the crash and feel less dependent on that sugar rush.

6. You’ll stop missing it.

Sugar is literally addictive. While it triggers the pleasure hormone dopamine in your brain, eating too much makes you desensitized to it, meaning you need larger doses to get the same affect. People who go cold turkey with sugar report intense cravings and even headaches, both symptoms associated with withdrawal.

7. You’ll lose weight.

If you cut out the 300 extra calories a day you get from sugar, you could lose five pounds in two months. And that’s assuming you’re on the lower end of the sugar consumption scale.

So pals, as I said, you don’t need to cut all sugar from your diet as it tastes pretty damn good! Just think about dropping the amount you have. Two biscuits instead of three, a slightly smaller slice of cake, one less can of fizzy drink per day…you get the drift!

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