A Brief History of Helen

I have always been interested in sport and exercise. My mum was a netballer, dad played rugby and (much to the disappointment of dad), I played football. As I grew up I tried all different sports but it’s football that has remained a big part of my life.

When I was growing up, I always wanted to go to Exeter University and study Sports Science. I have no idea why I was so keen on this, but I was. I left school and went to Exeter College, studying the BTEC in Sport (Performance and Excellence) and I was part of the very successful football academy there.

I studied Exercise and Sports Science at Exeter Uni as well as playing rugby and football (not going to lie, the degree did take a backseat at times)! I made the three best mates I could ask for and I loved it! Then I graduated. What now? I had no idea. I worked in Tesco bakery part time, and if I wasn’t overweight enough from Uni, that didn’t help!

We have family friends from America and I can remember them coming over and meeting them in the cafe in Tesco. To this day, I credit Kerstin with putting the idea of becoming a PT in my head and giving me the confidence to pursue it. I went home, spoke to my parents and a few days later I had signed up for a six week personal training course.

My first job was at a council run sports centre, although not the most glamorous of places, I wouldn’t change it. I made some excellent friends who I still see, and I now own a studio with the chap who hired me! From there I went travelling, then I came back and was offered a job as a PT at the local Golf & Country Club, then I went travelling again, came back and started out as a self-employed personal trainer. The rest they say, is history.

So many PT’s try and go self-employed as soon as they’ve finished their course but I’m glad I worked my way up from the bottom. I’ve worked with, and learnt from, some excellent coaches and trainers and figured out what not to do from some not-so-great ones. I’ve now been training people for nine years, which isn’t a bad life span for a PT! I still love my job, as much, if not more, than I did when I first started.

But what else do you do?

I used to play a lot of football but unfortunately age has caught up with me! I know go to CrossFit three to four times a week and love it! I’d like to compete one day but we’ll see how that goes. I still like to watch football, but being a Man United fan, it can be tough!

Apart from sports, my other passions are dogs, coffee and donuts! I will always maintain that it’s hard to beat a Sainsbury’s sugared ring donut. Yum. If you feel differently about this, feel free to try and change my mind!

I have a cocker spaniel puppy called Barnaby who, when he isn’t out on dog walks, chewing something he shouldn’t be, or chucking something he’s found in the garden around, he’ll usually be in the gym with me.

I love to read and watch films. I’m a bit of a fantasy fan and love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and (most) of the Marvel films. I enjoy going out for dinner, and love asian food.

Travelling is also a big part of my life. As you can see above I’ve been twice for four months at a time. Twice to New Zealand and Fiji as well as South East Asia, South America, Indonesia and Australia. I made a promise to myself that I’d try to go to a new country each year.