About Me

As a Coach…

My philosophy as a coach and personal trainer is simple. 

“Simplicity and consistency are key”

I believe that if you do the simple things correctly and consistently over a period of time then you WILL see results. I’m not a coach that insists on faddy diets, or on trying out the next big internet fitness craze. I have my methods and they work. 

There is a lot of rubbish floating around the fitness industry. We get sold diet plans, shakes and detox tea all advertising themselves as the fastest way to drop the pounds. We Google the best way to lose weight and up pops a plethora of different sites telling us this way is the best, or no, actually it’s this way. We lose ourselves in jargon and in the end we end up confused, de-motivated and wondering why we started all this in the first place.

Well, I’ll tell you why you started. You want to be able to play with your kids or grandkids without feeling shattered and like you need a lie down after 5 minutes. You want to fit back in to your favourite jeans or go out the house wearing anything other than black. Or you simply want to feel healthy and more confident.

My aim, with all my clients, is to arm them with the tools they need to get them to a place where they are no longer confused. If they wanted to, they’d be able to go off on their own and continue to progress towards their chosen goals.

Together, we’ll simplify the process. Not just exercise but diet too. You’ll see that there is no need to starve yourself. That, yes, actually you can have a slice of cake when you’ve met your friend for a coffee and no, everything you buy on your weekly shop doesn’t have to be low-fat.

During sessions, I like to make sure that my clients have fun! For too long exercise has seemed like a chore. I can’t promise that you’ll wake up each morning over-joyed at the thought of training (I don’t), but I can promise that you won’t dread it.

So, if I sound like the right coach for you and you want to get in contact; or you’d like to find out more about what I do, or maybe you’d like to find out more about me as a person, not just a coach, click one of the links below.


BSc Exercise and Sports Science

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 1

GB Weightlifting

Level 1 KBT Strength and Conditioning

They’re the important ones!