Kukor Coaching Online

Here at Kukor Coaching I believe that the amount you earn shouldn’t influence your ability to get fitter, stronger and healthier. With that in mind, I have created Kukor Coaching Online. I understand that there are many hurdles that people have to jump over in order to start living a healthier lifestyle, whether it be time constraints, family life, lack of money or just pure motivation. Kukor Coaching Online is designed to help you over come these.

What are the benefits?

With new workouts regularly added, you have a range of options to choose from! Whether you’re working out from home or in the gym, there is something for everyone. With two home workouts scheduled weekly, you don’t even have to think about what to pick!

Our user-friendly app provides you with on the go access to all your programmes and schedule as well as easy to follow videos fir your workouts. You can track your progress by uploading progress pictures and storing them all in one place.

Cheaper isn’t always better but with Kukor Coaching Online you get quality coaching for the fraction of the price. All workouts are designed to maximise the time that you have available so you get top level training for minimal outlay.

Take your sessions with you anywhere you go! As the workouts are so flexible and you now have access them on your phone, location is no longer an issue.

With the in-app messenger system your coach is just a click away. Whether you have questions about how to use the app, about a workout or specific exercise, your coach is on hand to help you out whatever you may need.

When you join Kukor Coaching Online you will automatically receive a FREE copy of our high protein recipe book. Advice and guidance on nutrition is optional and the app can connect with MyFitnessPal.

What happens now?

I assume you’d like to know the price? Well for just £17 a month you get access to all of the above! Sound good? Well, if you’re super keen and want to sign up NOW, hit the SIGN ME UP button below!

If you’re still unsure, I totally understand, it’s a commitment after all. So if you’d like some more information or just to have a chat about how Kukor Coaching Online will benefit YOU then fill in the form below. 🙂